Thursday, October 29, 2015

Goodreads Giveaway Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride

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        Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride by Christine Rimmer



          Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride

          by Christine Rimmer


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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cover and Back Cover Copy DECEMBER RELEASE!

Love this cover.  It's exactly as I pictured it.

Compatible? Check. Chemistry? 
Check. Love? Check…mate! 
When Carter Bravo decides it's time to settle down this Christmas, the once-burned, no-strings-attached hunk chooses the one woman who isn't looking to be swept off her feet. Not only does his business partner and best buddy, Paige Kettleman, say yes—the chemistry sizzling between them is further proof that she's his ideal mate. 
Carter's no-nonsense proposition isn't exactly the romantic proposal Paige dreamed about under the mistletoe. After five years of building a business and sharing confidences, her dearest friend still has no idea how she really feels about him. If he did, he'd go running for the Colorado hills. Unless Paige can show Carter how to turn a test-run engagement into the real thing: a holiday wedding with all the trimmings—including love!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Top Pick from RTBookreviews for THE GOOD GIRL'S SECOND CHANCE!

So excited about this excellent review...

"Chloe Winchester comes home to Justice Creek after divorcing her abusive husband. A one-night stand with the town’s gorgeous ex-bad boy isn’t supposed to mend her battered heart, but it does. Quinn Bravo, retired mixed martial arts champ, returns to Colorado to build his fitness business and raise his daughter. The mind-blowing tryst with his beautiful neighbor is an unexpected revelation, and one he wants repeated.  Readers will be transfixed from the sexy beginning to the pulse-pounding end in this beautiful tale. Rimmer’s powerful narrative brilliantly brings to life her unforgettably brave heroine, her compassionate hero and fabulous co-stars. Her phenomenal handling of the heroine’s spousal abuse is outstanding.” –Top Pick, 4 ½ Stars, Debbie Haupt, RT BookReviews

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This is Quinn Bravo's story.  The heroine, Chloe Winchester, did everything right.  And still it all went wrong.  But now she's back home in Justice Creek, Colorado and determined to get it right the second time around...

Back cover copy reads:

The Littlest Matchmaker Of Them All… 

Quinn Bravo is a committed single dad—emphasis on single. The millionaire bachelor is focused on his four-year-old daughter and his fitness business. So while he's intrigued by his beautiful new interior decorator, Quinn resolves to keep the chemistry at a simmer. Until one night together causes their attraction to burst into flame… 

After her ex-husband betrayed her, local good girl Chloe Winchester returned to Justice Creek, determined not to risk her heart again. Still, maybe she can live out some teenage fantasies with sexy Quinn while redecorating his house. But first Chloe will have to avoid falling for one adorable little girl and the man of her dreams! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Love this.  This is a July 2015 release, the first in the 2015 Montana Mavericks series, What Happened at the Wedding.

Back cover copy reads:

Married by Mistake? 

Rust Creek Ramblings 

Welcome back, faithful readers! The Rust Creek Rambler has an exclusive for you: Jordyn Leigh Cates has gotten married! That's right, our innocent Jordyn, who came to town a few years back with the Rust Creek Falls "Gal Rush," tied the knot on July Fourth in what appeared to be a very impulsive ceremony. 

No one could blame the blushing bridesmaid for saying "I do" to Will Clifton. The sexy, blue-eyed rancher is six feet of pure muscle and charm. But are these two merely love-struck friends who got swept away at someone else's wedding? Our sources suggest otherwise. Stay tuned to find out the true story behind these surprise spouses—and see if they can make it past their honeymoon!
Montana Mavericks:

What Happened at the Wedding…

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wahoo! Great review of NOT QUITE MARRIED from RT Bookreviews.....

“Seven months pregnant, Clara Bravo finally breaks the news to the unsuspecting father, who shocks her with a proposal.  She wonders what happened to the sexy, carefree man she fell for while on vacation. Now, Dalton Ames is nothing more than a control freak, and there’s no way she’s marrying this version of him. When Dalton’s vacation affair results in a lifelong consequence with the woman who still haunts him, his solution is simple: marriage. If only he can convince her to say yes. Rimmer’s page-turning romance enchants.  And her iconic blend of humor and drama will leave readers belly laughing while wiping tears. Set in rustic Colorado, her unforgettable couple fights small-town inquiring minds and each other all the way to the altar.”
                           --4 ½ stars, Debbie Haupt, RTBookreviews