Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Have Been So Very Good...

On the left? That's one of my two cats, Tom. For Christmas, the DH and I gave younger son, the J, a digital camera. It does color and B&W and little movies he can put up on YouTube. Also has little frame thingies as at left. So fitting. I'm not kidding. Tom so leads the beautiful life!

And how, exactly, have I been so very good? Why, by staying offline all morning and finishing the line edit for my latest completed SSE, THE MAN WHO HAD EVERYTHING. (Release month: July) Line edits, where the manuscript comes sailing back at me after I just turned it in like two week ago, all marked up with the editor's changes and suggestions, can be painful. These weren't bad. Mostly the problems were of my own making.

Why is that every book I ever write has some fresh and thoroughly irritating bad habit in it? Don't answer. Even if you're right, I probably won't listen. LOL. Bad habit this time: constant word repetitions. As in, I use the word "want" in one line and then again in the next--and not because I'm doing something interesting with it, which would be okay.

And then, there's always some new word I fall utterly in love with and use over and over until, while reading the line edit, I want to hurl. This time it was "sleek." My heroine was sleek everywhere--her hair, her skin, her butt, her legs. She was probably a seal in her last life.

Anyway. It's done. It's gone. Big yay! Now, I'm on to my romantic suspense single title proposal which includes a good twin (heroine) and an evil twin; their mother, the shrink, who does her very best to seduce every man in sight. And murder and mayhem. And a hero who once dumped the heroine for her bad sister and knows now what a big mistake he made. Oh, I'm going to make him pay. It'll be so much fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, he dumped her for her sister and not only does he still lives, he ends up to be the H. Can't wait to see it. I know that you can make me like him and the concept.


Kim said...


I love it when a hero has to pay for the things he does. It lends an air of reality to the story. I find that women aren't often as forgiving in reality. :)

As always look forward to the fruits of your labor.


Kim in NE

Susan Mallery said...

I know what you mean about using the same word or think in a book. In the book I'm wrapping up, everyone is looking at everyone else. And there's a lot of arm touching. He touched her arm. She touched his arm. Arms everywhere are touched beyond words!

At least it's better than the book where everyone tilted their heads. It was the romance of confused birds...head tilting on every page!

Why do we do this??????

Susan Mallery said...

Okay--that was supposed to be same word or "thing" in a book. Thing. I need more coffee!

Christine Rimmer said...

Kim and Cady--thank you!

Cady, yeah. He still lives. But he is so sorry! And well he should be.

Kim, in this one, he's been working for years to get back in her good graces. He's making progress, but then...

More later. Mwahaha.

Christine Rimmer said...

Susan, hey!

I haven't a clue why. If I did, I'd stop!

>the romance of the confused birds.

Okay, there's an image. LOL

Barbs said...

Make that hero grovel LOL

as far as loving a word I'm sure it easy to do. I do love the sleek seal

Susan I didn't even notice *think* I read thing!

Christine Rimmer said...

Barb, re the hero groveling.

Will do. :)

Maureen Child said...

Chris, I remember Susan's head tilting book.....and in my last one, everyone was SHIMMERING! It was the radioactive book!!

Christine Rimmer said...

Maureenie! See, I love the word shimmering. Now I'll seriously be tempted to do a radioactive book of my own... ;)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey Chris, there just aren't enough evil twin books out there.*g* And groveling heroes are my very favorite thing!

In my latest, I had everyone shrugging. It was a shrugging epidemic. Bizarre.

Christine Rimmer said...

Kate, oh yeah. The shrugs. My books have had more than one bad case of those. The shrugs are like malaria. You think you're cured, but then...they're baaaaack!