Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Saturday with Booksellers and Librarians--and a Chance to Win!

I love my local RWA chapter, the OKRWA Outlaws. Always great stuff going on at our meetings.

Saturday was the Booksellers and Librarians Reception at Nonna's restaurant in Bricktown, OKC. Above, yours truly and three of our guests--and that would be the amazing Georgina Gentry just barely in the frame to the right.

Great desserts. Stimulating company. Champagne. Lots of talk about how we can all work together to promote books and reading. We're thinking of making this an annual event. I'm all for that.

Oh, and we had a few extra goodie bags left after each bookseller and librarian had hers. We held a drawing.

Guess what? I won one.

I want to pass this treat along. Contains a number of fun book-related goodies--including two advance excerpt pamplets from upcoming books by P.C Cast and exciting new author, Jordan Dane. There's also a signed copy of Janis Reams Hudson's June '06 Special Edition, Winning Dixie. And you know I'll throw in a signed Christine Rimmer book, as well.

Just post on my blog--this entry or newer ones--in the next week to have your chance to win. I'll randomly draw a winner Tuesday, May 1.

Good luck!


Cherie J said...

The goodie bag sounds cool. I would love to be entered imto the drawing for an opportunity to win. Sounds like your group has some fun meetings. Thanks for sharing the photo.

cas2ajs said...

Sounds like you had a good time at the meeting. Please enter me in the drawing for the goodie bag also.

Husker Kim said...


Sounds like ya'all had a great time. I have enjoyed the "networking" groups that I have belonged to in the past. I am not high enough in my current position to have that luxury. And frankly thats ok. Too much time at the top almost killed me. :)

You are too kind giving away your "swag bag". :)

Bookstores and Libraries are some of the coolest places on earth! My DH works for a book company--so I am only allowed to go to B&N in disguise! LOL

Have a great one!

Husker Kim

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great visit! It's so nice to have friends you can talk books with!!


tetewa said...

Sounds like you had great fun would love to get a goodie bag!

Christine Rimmer said...

Cherie, Cas and tetewa, good luck!

Husker Kim--that's right. Pure swag. Of course, I took out the Piaget watch and the Tiffany diamonds for my self. LOL But I left in the Rolex!

Durango, Kim--so true. I do love talkin' books!

Anonymous said...

A group of women that I know meet about once a month to talk books. No specific book, just books in general, giving recommendations, talking about what they like. Man, I wish I had a group like that. Of course, they are in Texas and I am in Wisconsin, so that kind of kills my ability to meet them for lunch, but boy, it sounds fun.

Glad you had a great time at your meeting. Hope you enjoy the Diamonds. :)