Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Totally Faboo trip to Dallas

Hey, everyone! I'm baaaack from the Romance Writers of America conference in Dallas. This was a great one. Though I didn't win the RITA, (Waaaa!) I still had an amazing, productive and wonderful conference.

Of course, I took pictures! Including this one of the lovely figurine I received as a gift from my Sacramento Valley Rose RWA chapter in recognition of making the finals this year.

Next, Christie Ridgway, yours truly and Lee Riker at the big booksigning for literacy that kicks off the conference. We call ourselves the RI Girls. Hmm. I think we need matching badges or t-shirts or something....

And what a beautiful view from the window in the room I shared with best bud, Susan Crosby.

Hangin' in the Published Authors Network lounge. From far left, clockwise, Eileen Rendahl, Eve Gaddy, Lenora Worth, Kathy Garbera, Susan Crosby, Cindy Gerard and moi.

Totally amazing fellow-OKRWA Outlaws, Deb Cowan and Sharon Sala. Deb, Maggie Price, Linda Goodnight and I all went out to get Italian the night of the big Harlequin party. Quite the adventure. I decided, since I had my car, that I would just drive us. Note to self: Next time take a cab. Did I get lost? Was there much laughter? Oh, yeah--on both counts. When you're with the Outlaws, you have a great time even when you're lost in Dallas on the way to that terrific Italian place! Linda Goodnight was heard to remark, "These are precious conference moments!" So true.

Now I'm home and back in my comfy work clothes, ready to dig in to the next book. And I'm already planning for next year in San Francisco.

I'll post more pics as my friends and I start trading them...

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Paz said...

Lovely photos. Everyone looks like their having a good time.