Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who the #$%^&* Are These People?

Yes, well....

Those of you who know me may have guessed by the title of this post that I'm starting a new book. To the left? The eye-candy inspiration for my hero. His name is Raoul Bova--the guy in the picture, not my hero--and he's always been a fave of mine. Here, as you see, he is wet. Wet is good--and yes, I know. I've said that before.

By the way, Raoul played the Italian younger-guy hunk in Under the Tuscan Sun . He had wild sex with Diane Lane and then married someone else. But in the book I'm writing now, the hero, who does look like Raoul, is neither Italian nor a cheater. Which is good. Not that he's not Italian. I love Italians. But that he's not a cheater. I don't love cheaters...

At this point, he (meaning my hero) has no idea who he is. Seriously. Somehow, he's received a blow to the head and he's wandering the snowy Sierras in search of he knows not what.

What he'll find is the heroine, one Tessa Jones (Don't you dare call her Tessy!) who lives in North Magdalene, California and is the daughter of Patrick Jones, who, as some may recall, was the hero of one of my first Jones Gang books, Sweetbriair Summit, back in the day.

I love it when the kids of my heroes and heroines get old enough to be heroes and heroines themselves. Or I would love it--if I could only figure out who the #$%^&* these people are!

Hope this post finds you all well and happy and getting lots of good reading done!


Michele said...

Hi Christine,

That's a...sigh...a nice photo you got there. Thanks for sharing it.

Hope you're doing well and that you figure out who the #$%^&* your people are soon! ;-) I can't wait to read it!

Take Care,

Michele Cwiertny

Anonymous said...

I really thought Patrick was so hunky :) One of my first Christine Rimmer books and I look forward to every one now {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}

Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Michele!

Thanks! Slowly figuring out who the @#$%^&* my characters are.

Re Raoul--oh, yeah. He's very nice!

Christine Rimmer said...

Dear Ms. Anonymous, aka Barb--

Thank you! I did love Patrick too. I'll have to give him a nice scene or two in this one...

Anonymous said...


I am sure that you will soon discover the identity and purpose of these **bleepin** people!

Hope you are well and safe in wild OK. You Sooners have some W-E-A-T-H-E-R that is for sure!

Take care and keep the faith!

Husker Kim


Husker Kim

Christine Rimmer said...


You are so right. The purpose and meaning is slowly becoming clear--I just hope it lasts. LOL

Weather here has been wet and sunny, alternately. Could be worse. Thanks so much for the good wishes. Thinking of you in Husker-land...