Thursday, July 03, 2008

So Here I Am...

...Starting a book again. I think there's a pattern here. But I know, I know. I've mentioned that before.

I've got my character images up on my inspiration board. I've got the calendar up that shows when important story events take place. I've ordered a book about raising barnyard animals--because, you know. My heroine keeps goats. A book on barnyard animals could come in handy.

Like the two tour books I already got for Austin and San Antonio. Yep. Books on the setting. So important.

I also bought a gorgeous cofee-table book on modern ranching in Texas. Great black and white photos of craggy-looking people who really should moisturize more often. Oh, and a book on raising beef cattle. If you're writing about Texas, you never know when you might need one of those. There's a huge section on calving, with pictures. Really. You don't want to see what it looks like when a cow gives birth. Or to help. People have probably lost hands and arms doing that.

I doubt I'll have any calves delivered in this series of books I'm doing set in South Texas. The book with the rancher hero and the large-animal vet heroine takes place in August and the fall. Not a lot calving in South Texas in the fall.

But I do feel...prepared, you know? Or at least, as prepared as I ever am to start.

Now I get to just do it. Start. Very scary. But starting leads to the grand adventure of writing the whole book. Not complaining.

Oh, and about that ice storm damaged tree in the front yard. Here she is.

I'm thinking in a couple of years she'll be lookin' good. Or at least better...

And back to books, I'm reading Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey, an amazing loooonng and complex fantasy novel. There's a four-page list of characters in the front. I have to keep referring to it to know who they're talking about. And the plot is...intricate, to say the least. But I'm in love with the heroine, Phedre, so I keep plugging. I highly recommend it if you like fantasy and don't mind working hard for your entertainment reading. Oh, and also, Phedre is a an anguisette. Sort of a prostitute into Bondage and Discipline. But not a prostitute, really. In this world, sex is an art and the ones who provide it are true artists called adepts. But if this element is a turnoff, heads up.

Any good books to recommend?

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