Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have I told you about... latest project?

Or should I say, projects? I think I should. Because this particular project will be ten books long. I've already written the first one, The Stranger and Tessa Jones, which will be out in January of '09. Nine to go.

I'm just going to be starting on the second, The Bravo Bachelor, after I finish the proposal for the one after that, the third in the series, tentatively titled Having Mercy. Yep. You guessed it. The heroine's name is Mercy--short for Mercedes. Mercy Cabrera, proud adopted daughter of Luz and Javier Cabrera. She is fiercely loyal to her adoptive family, who took her and her dying single mom into their lives and then adopted her after her mom was gone.

Yes, these are Bravo stories. You probably guessed that, too, I'll bet. There will be ten siblings in this subseries of the Bravo series. Seven brothers, three daughters--and another daughter, illegitimate. They don't know about her. Yet.

These are the children of James Bravo--actually, his grandchildren. Check out the Bravo family tree at my website to see where James fits in. James left the first Bravo homestead in Wyoming decades ago and settled in the San Antonio area. This branch is wealthy (okay, it's my fantasy and in my fantasy they get to be rich), has made most of their money in land and real estate development. But there is a family ranch, Bravo's Pride, their own Texas homestead.

Can you tell I'm excited to be delving into this branch of the Bravo clan? I am! And yes, the gorgeous Latina you see above is my image of Mercy, exactly. In real life, her name is Natalie Martinez. So beautiful! As to the hero of this one, the rancher Luke Bravo, I don't have a picture in mind for him yet. I've considered using pictures of Gerard Butler and James Purefoy...but no. Both are great. Just not quite right... I'll find the image I'm looking for eventually.

In the meantime, back to the proposal...

It's beautiful here in the heartland today, sunny. Getting hot. Everything green and glorious.

How's the weather where you are?


Husker Kim said...

Love those Bravo's. Keep them coming. :)

Hope you are staying high and dry in OK--grateful that I don't live in Iowa. LOL

Take care!


Christine Rimmer said...

Kim, yikes! So scary for the folks in Iowa. Here we're getting lots of rain, but no flooding. I'm grateful, too. Major hugs...

Anonymous said...

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