Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The End of the Month Already?

How is that possible? I have so much to do this month and it's quickly ending. Help! Need to finish my proposal. And then on to the next book. And plot group in Vegas 9/7-9/10. I so cannot wait!

About the speech I was supposed to be planning. Fuggetaboutit. Haven't even gotten to it yet. But I will. Probably on the day before I have to give it. Now that's wingin' it! I think what's needed is a hot-looking wet guy. A little bit of Raoul. Smiling with a cute dog--and his zipper halfway down.

There. I feel so much better.

Younger son is back in school. Just got his tuition bill. Eeek! But the nice thing is his girlfriend is a freshman this year. When he has to get his car fixed--which he does way too often--she can take him there and drive him around while the car's in the shop. I am grateful for small favors.

Oh, and you should see our lawn. A lush carpet of moist green. The DH took over lawncare this year with younger son moving on into his own life. The lawn really loves the DH's loving care.

So...School started where you are? Any signs of fall?

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