Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Annual Tree Photo...

So every year, after I put up the tree, I try to get a nice picture of it. The pictures are never as good as it actually looks.

But this year, I tried again...
These three flash, slow flash and full flash. I think I like the slow flash best.
And yet, somehow the fabulousness of my tree is not quite captured. Could it be the fabulousness is all in my head? If so, I have to tell you, wish you could see what I see.


Becca J. Heath said...

I reckon 'no flash' myself.
It looks great.
Ours not up yet, with a 24th 1st birthday here we're trying to not be tooo christmassy til after bub's party this sunday.

Christine Rimmer said...

Becca, that's what I like to hear. ;) Happy birthday to bub!