Friday, April 16, 2010

New Cover...

This one's for my upcoming July release. I think she's adorable. Though I do worry about her shoes--not so appropriate for trooping through an open pasture.

As for A little too Beta for my taste. And Connor McFarlane, the hero of this one, is anything but Beta. And the shirt hanging out...well, not my thing. Maybe they should have just put him in more of a Western look, since in the book he goes Western more than once to fit in with his, er, attempts to make nice with the locals so he can buy out the Thunder Canyon Resort.

But anyway, I do think she's cute. So is he, just not Alpha-looking enough.

Here's the Back Cover Copy--warning SPOILER ALERT! Don't read it if you hate to know what's going to happen a ways into the book; just skip on down to where it says spoiler concluded in all caps:

Wait Until You Hear…

Word on the street is that hotshot hotel magnate Connor McFarlane is in
Thunder Canyon this summer to buy out the local resort!
At first Tori Jones was furious, but now she seems to think Connor isn’t the corporate shark everyone says he is. And when he asked her to pose as his fiancĂ©e to help him win custody of his son, she promptly said I do!
Her fake husband-to-be is so irresistible—how can Tori help but wish it were the real thing?

And my spies tell me the sassy small-town teacher captivated Connor from day one. He came to town to heal old wounds, but now all he seems to want is to claim Tori’s heart. Stay tuned, faithful readers, to see if a
summer romance can become a love affair for all seasons!

See, the fake engagement is more than halfway through the book. I get that it's a great hook, but still...


This one will be the first in a six-book series, MONTANA MAVERICKS, THUNDER CANYON COWBOYS. And it will be the third book I've done about Thunder Canyon. I'm getting to know the folks of Thunder Canyon almost as well as the Bravos by this point.

So...think she's cute? Think he's too Beta???

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Viking Princess said...

I'm gonna have to give this book a read because I love those alpha sexy.