Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wrapping Up the San Antonio Bravos

There are nine SA Bravo stories in all.  Six are out on bookstands.  Three more are yet to be released.

And in terms of the writing...I'm on the second-to-last book.  It seems like only yesterday I sat down to write the story outline for The Stranger and Tessa Jones.  And now I'm almost finished telling all those stories.

Yesterday, I hit the midpoint in the writing of Marriage Bravo Style, which is Elena Cabrera's story.  Elena, BTW, is the illegitimate daughter of Davis Bravo, hardheaded patriarch of this branch of the family.  Elena first appeared in A Bravo's Honor, back in July of last year, when a big family secret blew wide open, with Elena's paternity in the center of the storm.

In the books that have followed, I've charted the arc of the Bravo/Cabrera connection.  It's been quite an arc and I have loved writing it.

So strange that half the books are still to come out, and I'm already thinking ahead to the next branch of the family. 

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