Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Displacement Activities

I LOVE to fool around.  As in whiling away the hours when I should be...oh, you know.  Working?

Today, instead of finishing my proposal, I...

Did my workout (I know I'm into serious work avoidance when I would rather exercise than work.)

Called England to beg a lovely woman who edits Harlequin Historicals to judge the final round of my OKRWA chapter's Finally a Bride contest.  She said yes.  As I mentioned, she was lovely.

Watched a tree trimmer and his crew trim the big oak in my front yard.  It looks fabulous, that tree.

Tried a new recipe for cooking skinless, boneless chicken breasts prior to trying a new recipe for chicken chilaquiles, which is a chicken, salsa verde and corn tortilla casserole.

Wrote many emails.

Posted here.  Fooled around on facebook.

Worked on my schedule for updating my website and turning in content for my e-newsletters for the next year and a half.

Considered learning how to play solitaire.  I feel I won't truly excel at displacement activities until I learn to play a few computer and online games.

Looked on Amazon to see if any new covers have come up for books I wrote.  Sometimes the foreign edition covers really amuse me.  Like this one...

Because the heroine is blond in the book and maybe two months pregnant at the end of the book.  And, well, it's a Christmas book.  Not so much as a festive swag in evidence here.  I do like a happy pregnant woman, however, and the woman here certainly appears to be beyond ecstatic.  And don't get me wrong.  I love that I get a lot of foreign editions and am grateful for every single one!

Okay, back to work.  Really.  Seriously....


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