Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Experiments in Back Cover Copy


Between the usual nervous breakdowns, I decided to try and write my own back cover copy to put up on my website for my December book, EXPECTING THE BOSS'S BABY.  No, I did not do this just for fun.  I did it because for various reasons, I did not have access to the back cover copy as of yet, though I had copied an image of the front from B& that was usable for my website.  And I already had the first chapter up in the Excerpts area of my site.

I wanted to put up the cover and I didn't want to wait any longer and it just seemed wrong to put up a cover without some kind of book summary, which the back cover copy pretty much is--along with being a teaser designed to tempt readers to put down their hard-earned cash.

Solution: Write my own.  I did.  This is the result:
Billionaire adventurer Dax Girard needs a capable assistant, not another girlfriend. So he’s made himself a promise to keep his relationship with Zoe Bravo strictly business.

Former free spirit Zoe Bravo loves her new job. And she plans to keep it. And that means there’ll be no office romance between her and her hunky boss.

Too bad she can’t stop thinking about him in a way that is so much more than only professional. And Dax is having the same problem. He can’t get his new assistant off his mind. Something’s gotta give. And when it does, Zoe and Dax will end up dealing with much more than they bargained for….


Okay, not brilliant.  But workmanlike.  I put it up on the "read more" page for this book on my website.

Then I got a PDF back-and-front version of the cover from my publisher.  Here is the actual back cover copy:


So this was Dax Girard’s hiring policy. Well, it might not be conventional—but then again, all admin-assist-wannabe Zoe Bravo  wanted was a job. And her prospective boss, Dax Girard, was so gorgeous that he’d clearly had to beat them off with a stick before. So she calmly agreed to the mogul’s terms—even throwing in a fake fiancĂ© for good measure! A strictly hands-off policy was fine with her.…

But was it fine with him? Because the more no-strings-attached Dax swore he was as immune to Zoe as he was to your average beautiful woman, the more he started envisioning a future that had her in it. And, in nine months, a little someone else, as well.

I totally love it.  And am completely humbled.  I think from now on, when possible, I'll stick to just writing the books.

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