Monday, June 13, 2011

Check out my free online read at eHarlequin....

You get a free chapter a week for eight weeks.  It's a Montana Mavericks story, in honor of the launch for the new series coming out in Harlequin Special Edition starting with my July release, RESISTING MR TALL, DARK & TEXAN.

Here's what it's about:

Department store tycoon Jack McKay had no idea what had made his fiancée run out on their wedding and escape to Thunder Canyon, Montana. But he was going to find out. And then he'd bring Melody Kilkalen home, no matter what it took.
Melody knew exactly why Jack wanted her to return to Texas with him—and it wasn't because he loved her. And yet…he seemed so sincere about his feelings for her. She had to know for sure whether Jack truly cared for her. Only this time she would call the shots, this time she was in control…and this time she was the one with the secret.
Hope you enjoy.... 

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