Friday, September 02, 2011

Back Cover Copy--and Finished....

What did I finish?  The first of the Bravo Royale series.  Very fun.  Different.  But still plenty of Bravo family goings-on.  The first book will be called THE PRINCE'S SECRET BABY.  It was especially fun because in this secret baby story, it's the hero, Rule Bravo-Calabretti, who knows that the little boy is his.  The heroine--the boy's mother--has no clue.  Figure that one out.  ;)

And got my back cover copy for the November book, A BRAVO HOMECOMING:


Travis Bravo was sick of his meddling mother and her matchmaking ways. So what better way to stop her than to bring a fiancée home for the holidays? One catch—
he wasn’t even dating anyone. But that was where his rough-and-tumble oil-rig friend, Samantha Jaworski, came in.

An unpolished tomboy, Sam was game for anything for a good friend. But after her girlfriend-ready makeover, she fell easily into the role of Travis’s loving partner—
and into his arms. Would she be standing under his mistletoe…for keeps?


This one will be out in Mid-October.  And now you can pre-order it for your kindle on Amazon, just like you can preorder a paperback copy.  I like it when readers can get the book they want in the format they prefer!

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