Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cover for February 2012 release

Yes, I love it!  Bowie returns to New Bethlehem Flat, California, his tiny hometown in the Sierras.  After six and a half years away.  He left town and the great love of his life, Glory Dellazola, to try and make something of himself--after Glory repeatedly refused his proposals of marriage.  She wasn't marrying a guy with all his problems.  Even if she was pregnant with his son.

So now he's back and determined to make things right at last.  That would be Glory on the porch, with the son he's never seen since the little boy was a baby.  Yep.  She's pregnant.  She married someone else. A good man, who died recently.

Bowie has a lot to make up for.  A lot!

Thanks to reader, Patsy Adkins, who suggested this image for the cover.  And thanks to the art department and my editor at Harlequin, who went for it!

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