Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cover for July 2012 release

I love this one!  Yum!

Back cover copy reads...


Texas Cowboy Lassoes Runaway Bride? 

Look out ladies: there's another Traub bachelor in town! Jason "Jace" Traub is every bit as gorgeous as his sexy twin brother, but rumor has it he is even more marriage-shy. There's not a woman alive who could make this restless rancher settle down.... 

Yet insiders whisper that Jace has been talking wedding plans with Jocelyn Bennings, the chestnut-haired beauty who ran out on her own wedding just days ago! Could the confirmed bachelor really be hooking up with heartbroken, headstrong Joss? Stay tuned, loyal readers, to find out if their marriage of convenience runs amuck-or if lasting passion will finally rope in the last single maverick!

Montana Mavericks…
              Back in the Saddle!


Anonymous said...

That is a pretty cover!

Jace and Joss? Now that's a tongue-twister.


Christine Rimmer said...

Marcie,hey! Did you have good Easter? Hope so. Yeah, J's rule! LOL. It actually wasn't that hard to work with, though if I'd chosen the names I might have done something different. A few years back, I had a group of Bravo brothers with all "B" names. Buck, Brett, Brand and Bowie. I thought it was cute at the time. Hah!