Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Almost Autumn....

I can just feel fall in the air about now.  We get the sun peeking through the clouds now and then, but it's generally grayer than sunny here in the Pacific Northwest.

At left, a little vase of sunflowers to remind you that summer isn't that far gone.

Here in my office, I'm well into my current series for Harlequin Special Edition, the Bravo Royales, about the princely branch of the Bravo family.  Nine stories in all in this group.  Holiday Royale  --cover at right, top--will be book six in the series.

I've already written book seven, which is the story of Maximilian Bravo-Calabretti, the heir to the throne of fictional Montedoro, first-born of the Bravo Royales  After that, two more and I'm on to the next branch of the Bravo family, the children of Franklin Bravo.

I've just finished putting together my material to take with me to plot group for a few days in October.  We'll be brainstorming the newest group of Bravo stories.  Working title for this series is The Bravos of Justice Creek.

In publishing, the author is always way ahead of the release schedule.  I'm already planning the next series and half of the Bravo Royales have yet to come out.

Notice the new cover style on both How to Marry a Princess and Holiday Royale--more mainstream-looking, without the usual blue half-frame Special Edition has been known for.  Do you like it?  Or do you prefer the older style?

Hope this blog finds you well and happy--and that you're enjoying cooler days and getting lots of reading done.


Anonymous said...

From MarcieR

Personally I love the new covers.

I absolutely ADORE the cover for Holiday Royale.

Christine Rimmer said...

Marcie! So nice to see you here. I haven't been around enough, I know. I love them, too! And so glad the Holiday Royale cover totally works for you. :D