Monday, September 08, 2014


Here's the back cover teaser for my December release, A Bravo Christmas Wedding:


Princess Aurora Bravo-Calabretti is wishing for a mountain man this Christmas! But her most unroyal crush—rancher Walker McKellan—insists that they remain "just friends." Now he's her round-the-clock bodyguard while she is the maid of honor at her cousin's holiday wedding. Rory can't resist this Colorado cowboy…but she wishes she was walking down the aisle to meet Walker at the altar! 

Both the best man to the groom and Rory's bodyguard, Walker can't shake his charge. As he begins to see Rory in a different light, a surprise snowstorm strands him with his princess…and sparks ignite into a holiday love affair! Can their Christmas passion blossom into a very Bravo happily-ever-after?


This book will be the last in my Bravo Royales series.  It will also introduces my next series of Bravo Family stories, The Bravos of Justice Creek, which will star the children of Franklin Bravo.  Frank's no longer alive when these stories begin.  He had two wives, Sondra Oldfield Bravo and Willow Mooney Bravo.  And he cheated on the first with the second, having children with both of them pretty much at the same time.

Here's a little more on that subject: 

From the beginning, thirty-four years ago, when he took up with 18-year-old Willow Mooney, everyone in Justice Creek knew that Frank Bravo had a well-bred heiress wife at home and a young thing on the side.  Then both women started having babies practically simultaneously.  And not only that, Willow called her children by the last name of Bravo and Frank openly claimed them; he was named right there on their birth certificates as the dad. So Frank not only essentially had two families, the man was bold as brass about it and didn’t seem to care who knew.  Everyone said Sondra ought to leave him, but she never did, just went on popping out the babies at about the same rate as Willow across town...

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