Monday, January 29, 2007

Just One of Those Days...

You know the kind, right? A Tear-Your-Hair-Out Day.

I'm having one. Can't get my latest proposal to work. It's just all...blechhh.

Now, I know it will work eventually. I mean, I know it from experience. Because it always does. In time. After I've lost another head of hair.

Eventually, I'll get it. Eventually, I'll have an actual story here...

Too bad at this point, when every word I write is spelled c-r-a-p, "eventually" seems a long, long way away.

This book doesn't feel as if it's ever going to work. My hero has no...identity. I can't decide who the guy is, you know? One minute he's in executive protection (meaning a bodyguard) and the next, he's a land developer.

And the murderer? Whodunnit? Really. I'm the author, and I need to know. I've got a heroine--a nice, stable woman with a meaningful job teaching primary grades. And I've got a victim--her identical twin.

But the rest?

Let me spell it for you...

I'm sure tomorrow will be better. I'm also sure that after all these books I've written, this should be easier. Shouldn't it?

But it's not. What's up with that? Do other people's jobs get easier? Or is it the nature of work well done that you get there by hacking your way through the jungle of your own mind.

That's me today. Hacking my way through my own personal jungle, tearing out my hair and wondering whatever possessed me to imagine I could write books for a living....


Anonymous said...

Watch that hair! You never write crap..... Hope it takes a turn for you really soon.


Christine Rimmer said...

Kim, thank you! I needed to hear that. Still got a few strands left... LOL

Kim said...


I think that if your job gets easier--that is about the point where you should probably be looking for a career change. I had that life--I hadn't done anything new or interesting for 15 years...when I was downsized it was like opening a door into a world with color and opportunity.

I have no doubt that you will be fine with the new book--I know you work on deadlines that can be pretty daunting, but sometimes when I have a project that isn't "all that" it needs to be...I walk away...I give it time to think about what its done! When I get back it has resolved its issues and we move on. :) LOL

Hope it is going better today!

Husker Kim in NE

Christine Rimmer said...

Kim in NE--well, it's two days later and I did exactly what you suggested. Yesterday, I took a breather and did some other projects that were needing my attention. Ready to go at it again today.

I know you're right that if it gets easier, that might not be such a great thing. I'll try to keep that in mind.

And I know my hair will grow back. ARgh..

Maureen Child said...

Ah, Chris.....I've been doing the same thing with the book I plotted at plot group!!! yeeeaaaiiii!!!!

Christine Rimmer said...

Yikes is right! *sigh*