Thursday, February 01, 2007

More Ralphie News and My Total Lack of Geekiness...

Found out today that my March HQN, RALPHIE'S WIVES, will be out next month on audio, too.

Kinda cool, huh? Here's what they're saying at eHarlequin. (Scroll to the bottom for March audiobooks) You'll be able to get RALPHIE as an ebook at also it'll be downloadable to your iPod.

I love technology. Too bad I lack a good, strong Geek gene--meaning I'm not good at it, you know?

Like for instance, this blog. I did manage to switch to the new Blogger, which has some cool drag-n-drop features not available in the old Blogger.

But now I'm hearing how everyone's moving to Wordpress. How totally faboo it is and so much easier to use and yaddayaddayadda. Okay, so I went and had a look.

Uh. Sounds great. Looks great. Really. Lots of neat features. Go for it, everyone. For now, though, I think I'll just stick here with "new" Blogger.

And I confess, I got myself a page at Myspace. Never been back there since I set it up. My page is probably really lonely. Too bad. One blog is plenty for me.

Oh, and the new Windows Vista operating system just came out. I should be excited about that, right? The J certainly is. But me, I'm thinkin'...later. I've grown accustomed to XP, which everyone had fits about (and not always in a good way) when it came out back in...when was that, aeons ago...2002?

And is it just me, or is technology changing really fast these days? Help, I lack a Geek gene and I can't keep up!

Oh, and about my proposal? Still tearing my hair out. But it's getting there...


Maureen Child said...

Chris, that is just an amazing cover!! And how exciting?? ebook and audible?? WAY cool.

I'm with you on the lack of geek gene, though.....I'm so challenged, I won't even move to the 'new' blogger!!

Barbs said...

Well darn eHarlequin is having technical difficulties right now. How exciting though to have Ralphie be audio and ebook.

I'm no Geek that gene is missing for me but that's alright I guess LOL

The proposal will get there it always does! Take care with your hair Jimmy won't like it if you have bald spots LOL

Susan Crosby said...

Congratulations on the audio and e-books! Wowie zowie. After tearing out your hair over your proposal, you deserve to fluff it up a bit :-).

I do love the cover, too. Provocative and fun.

I'm with you on the technology business. When I got a new computer, my geek guy, in discussing which model I should get, said, "There are those who stay on top of everything. Update all the time. Keep on track. And then there'" He described me to a T. Although I have been keeping up with the updates, but haven't added a single new thing, and know nothing about most of the newfangled add-ons. It's okay with me.

Bah, humbug to technology, I saw!


Christine Rimmer said...

Thank you, Maureenie. You are so the best! I like New Blogger. But it did do things like weirdly format my blog. I had to redo some stuff to make it look right. It was a scary thing for me, and for a while there I was thinking...why did I do this???

Thank you, Barb. I have to remember that. The proposal always works out. In time. It's before the "in time" that I have a nervous breakdown. *g*

Susan. LOL. Me, too. I fall in the category of "And then there'"