Thursday, January 25, 2007

Put a Little Sizzle in Your Life

I loved this book. Read it on the plane on the way home from Las Vegas and plot group. I laughed and cried and sighed.

The crying part was a little embarrassing. The strangers seated to either side of me kept casting me nervous glances. So I would put Sizzling aside for a minute or two to get a grip.

And then get lost in it all over again.

This is a book we plotted in plot group a while back. It's always interesting to see where one of my plotting buddies took the story we brainstormed.

Susan was a little nervous about the hero, Reid, as I recall. This book is part of a series and I remember her saying that Reid's story would have to be one of the later books because the guy really needed to grow up a little.

Oh, my. She did a truly amazing job--taking a lazy lothario who doesn't even remember all the women he's had sex with, and....oops. Better not go too far. No spoilers in this post.

Let me just say that Reid is the handsomest, sexiest, woman-doingest guy around. And Lori, the heroine, is warm and down-to-earth and takes no crap from a guy like Reid. If only she didn't have that pesky yearning to jump the guy's bones, well, there'd be no problem. But she does. And things get more complicated from there.

If you love sexy, warm books that rip your heart out--and still somehow manage to make you happy you're alive, try one of Susan's.

Try Sizzling.


Kim said...


I agree totally on this book. I loved it! It was fun, it was sexy it was sad--it was a great story!

Can't wait for the next one in the series!


Barbs said...

I agree-wonderful book! Glad I was home and could laugh and cry with noone around rxcept dh while he slept late at night as I read LOL I love baseball so the hero, Reid, may be extra-special for me and the heroine Lois is so great even though she doesn't care about baseball or any sport. I better say no more I don't want to give spoilers either

Susan Mallery said...

Chris--thanks for mentioning Sizzling! I appreciate the kind words because I was worried about Reid. Originally he was supposed to be book 2, but he just wasn't ready.

I remember us laughing at plot group trying to come up with the worst thing that could happen to a guy like him and then realizing it was having the whole world think he was lousy in bed! Now *that* was a fun scene to write!

Christine Rimmer said...

Susan, and it worked so beautifully, too. Poor Reid. LOL

Kim, oh, yeah. Exactly. And me neither.

See, Barb. I should have known not to read a Mallery book on the plane. OTOH, it sure swept me away from my cramped seat and made the hours just melt away.

Kate Carlisle said...

I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said, Chris! This book was so wonderful!! I laughed and cried in the privacy of my living room. I completely related to Lori and fell head-over-heels for Reid. And how about--okay, no spoilers. But OMG!!! LOL