Friday, February 23, 2007

Casting My Characters

Yes, I do. I cast my characters. I cut out pictures from magazines and download them from the internet and post them on the bulletin board I have by my computer. It's a writer thing. Most likely a result of my theater background. Once I wanted to be an actress, so when I create my characters, I always have to figure out who would "play" them in my ideal movie of the book.

So...SPOILER ALERT. If you're a reader who likes to imagine for yourself what the characters look no farther!

But if you want a peek into my mind (big Mwahaha here), read on...

Above, pictures of h/H for my upcoming May Special Edition, a BRAVO story, FROM HERE TO PATERNITY. Yes, the heroine is modeled after Kyra Sedgwick of the terrific cable series THE CLOSER. And "playing" the hero...okay, his name escapes me now. Too much info inside my brain. Hey, it happens. If anyone recognizes him from the pictures, drop me a comment. I do like to give my actors screen credit!

On the bottom half of the board above: a map of the town, New Bethlehem Flat, CA, where the book takes place. And a calendar where I jot in what happens and when. Yes, to me, my books take place in real time. Yet another quirky author thing.

And the Hero and Heroine of RALPHIE'S WIVES?

To me, Phoebe is played by Jennifer Connelly

And Rio?

Here you go....

Yes, Antonio Banderas all the way. Okay, okay, a slightly younger Antonio, but Antonio nonetheless.

And here's a question: When you read a book, do you "cast" the characters, do you picture real people as the hero and heroine?


Barbs said...

I like the idea that you create your characters with others in mind for their looks, the street map is a great idea and the calendar makes sense--those things help make you the good author that you are!!

Since I'm not much for TV or movies I don't have anyone in mind while I read the book but do pay attention to the descriptions of the characters so I have a general idea and am sometimes disappointed with the cover gods! LOL

I love the actors you have chosen for Phoebe and Rio-they match your descriptions so well. Rio can whisper sweet nothings in my ear any time! LOL

Kim said...

Hey Christine,

I often do picture a character as I am reading a book. It usually works out fine--until the book is made into a movie and the producers choose someone that is totally wrong for the part. It sort of ruins the movie for me.

I LOOOVE Antonio--and totally can see him in the part of Rio. Very nice. :)

Looking forward to the new Bravo book. Is this a new branch on the familiy tree??

I think that it is cool that the books take place for you in real time-as generally that is how I interput them.

Hope you have a good weekend, and are free from this stupid storm that seems to be coming.

Husker Kim

Christine Rimmer said...

Barb, you and Rio clearly have a thing going. I don't blame you. I love him, too! And thank you!

Kim, hey! And whew. Glad Antonio "works" for you. I agree, it's a prob when you picture the character, you just "know" him-and then some stranger tries to "be" him.

Kind of like the new James Bond. So many folks were freaked over the idea of a scruffy blond nobody playing Bond. But, in that case, there was a happy ending. And how could there not be...with the absolutely fabulous Daniel Craig?

The Bravo book in March is Brand's story. His brothers, Buck and Brett have already had their stories. One more brother in that group to go, the troubled Bowie. But not for a while.

In FROM HERE TO PATERNITY, a new branch of the family--more of Blake's children, but with a different mother--will be introduced. Then I'll do their stories. And then maybe back to Bowie. So many books to write...

Anonymous said...

Christine - You are torturing us, with Bowie aren't you. I want that boy's story.

As for Antonio for Rio, I can totally see that. Not so much Jennifer as Phoebe, but that is the glory of books. The characters can be whoever you want them to be. Truthfully, I rarely cast them as I see them in my head and that is enough.


Christine Rimmer said...

Cady, so true. The characters *can* be whoever the reader's mind conjures.

And re Bowie. Not torture. Honest... Mwahaha.

Anonymous said...

But just a little torture, right Christine?