Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More For You Bravo Fans Out There...

No, I haven't forgotten the Bravos. There are more coming up, as I mentioned in my last post. In May, FROM HERE TO PATERNITY. Love that baby at left.

And then, in December, A BRAVO CHRISTMAS REUNION, which is all plotted and proposed and approved. I'm writing that next. As soon as I tweak the Proposal That Almost Ate My Brain, aka Dead Shark Rejuvenated and write a synopsis (fyi, like an outline in story form) of the next Bravo book, coming out in Feb '08, I hope, I hope.

In the meantime, I've signed up for the amazing Louise Ahern's PR BOOTCAMP. I hear it's a demanding course, so...wish me luck. One can simply never know enough about promoting books.

Better get back to figuring out where the kidnapper got the rope. I'm in the home stretch on this, folks--meaning the proposal mentioned above. The one that Ate My Brain and Stole My Lunch and turned me into a raving harpy.

But I'm nice now. Mwahaha.

How's by you?


Kim said...


Go, Go Go...you can do it!

Looking forward to the Bravo books upcoming...such great characters and stories.

All is good in the land of Huskers. Not nearly as much icky weather as expected--I can sort of see spring on the horizon. Which means baseball--(its the new FB here--as our FB team needs CPR) :)

--who would you cast as Blake Bravo?

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Wow, great question Kim, who do you see as Blake? I never can figure him out exactly, I mean he is crazy and mean, but he must have a ton of charisma - maybe a freaky Dennis Hopper?


Kim said...

I was almost thinking of David Carradine--(sort of in the vein of Kill Bill) Although maybe not charismatic enough to get all those girls into bed--maybe Jack Nicholson??

Come on Christine!! Tell me! Please!!!

Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Kim and Cady!

It's so strange. Blake is the one everyone always wants to know about when it comes to "casting my characters." And with him, well, I just never cast him with an actor. He was too creepy, I guess. Or something. He just...*was* and I didn't dare "cast" him.

That's pretty weird, huh? I'm intimidated by one of my own characters...


Christine Rimmer said...

And I did kind of think of Jack Nicholson now and then. But then, David Caradine could so do it...

Kim, glad to hear the icky weather is less so than expected. Here in OK, too, actually.

Sue Phillips said...

Hi Christine,

I LOVE your picture on the cover of OCC's Orange Blossom!

You're going to love Louise's PR Boot Camp! She's amazing!

Speaking of PR, I want to give you a PR opportunity. OCC's eZine (aka blog) is adding a ton of new features. On the 23rd of each month, I will be posting "Advice to my younger self as a new author."

I'm sure your readers and other writers would love to see one from you this month.

I'll email ya privately to find out if you can do it. :)