Sunday, February 04, 2007

Do Book Trailers Sell Books?

Haven't a clue. But I sure love the one my brilliant webmistress Miss Shelley of Web Crafters Design has created for Ralphie's Wives.

I love it. Did I already say that?

Have a look. It's up as an intro at my website--don't forget to have the sound on. I love the music, too. Here's a link:


Maureen Child said...

Wow......LOVE that trailer, Chris!! Fabulous. Cannot wait for that book!

Susan Crosby said...

Gave me chills! What fun, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the trailer, makes me want the book, luckily February is a short month, so it should go quickly. And with our weather, I am hoping it goes very quickly - it is negative 10 today before wind chills. Brrr

Cady - who thinks she may need a chai tea to get through the day.

Kate Carlisle said...

LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to read it!!

Christine Rimmer said...


Maureenie, oh yeah. Ms. Shelley strikes again. Just simple and so kewl...

Susan, chills! That's good. :)

Cady, BRRRRR. And yes, February is short. Which with this weather, is very good. Not to mention March books get here quicker. *g*

Kate, and that's what I love to hear!

Kim said...


Love the trailer. Very cool. I had to wait until I was at home to watch--no sound card at the office. I loved it!~

Cant wait for the book. :-)

Husker Kim

Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Kim--

Thanks much. I love it, too. Or did I say that...?

Son the J said he played it for all the kids in the band room at OU.

College is a wonderful thing!

Barbs said...

I love the trailer makes me want to forget RL and read it!

Our weather is just rainy on/off and in the 50s.