Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Dead Shark Ain't Art...

A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we’ve got on our hands… is a dead shark.
— Woody Allen, Annie Hall

And how is a proposal like a relationship?

Well, and yes! Now you ask, I am feeling just so cheerful today. My proposal continues to refuse to swim forward. What does this mean?

Time to give it up, I think. It's okay. It happens. In spite of what I said in my Tear-Your-Hair-Out Post at the end of January. So sad. But true...

And really, don't you think "Dead Shark" is so much more evocative than, say, non-starter?

Years and years ago, long before I sold a romance and started writing for a living, when I made my home in Southern California, I had a dear friend named Deborah Lou. Deborah Lou was totally supportive of my writing addiction, though she did get a little bitter when she'd want me to head off on an adventure--say, driving cross-country to dig crystals in Arkansas--and I'd take a pass because I had to write my book. I credit her with coining the phrase "Dead Shark" in terms of a project that's simply not moving forward.

I've always had a lot of ideas for books. It's true. Ideas really are cheap. But right now, I'm not talking about just the germ, the seed, the basic starting point of a story. I'm talking about ideas I've fallen in love with, ideas I've nurtured like babies, watered like tender saplings, coddled and spoiled. Ideas I have loved--the ones where I've done my best to make them grow up a little and swim on their own. But even with all my tender loving care, sadly, some of them--okay, okay. A lot of them--just don't make it from my twisted brain to the page. As Deborah Lou would say, "So, it's another dead shark. Move on."

So I am.

And how's your day been?


Maureen Child said...

Oh, no WAY!! Chris, say it ain't so!! That's a FABULOUS story!! It's not dead. It's just sleeping. Let it lay there for a few days, then kick it. HARD. It'll come back!

Kim said...


My condolences on your shark...:) Did I ever tell you about my son's Beta fish--that drowned? Twice?? Ok, It wasn't the same fish--DH went to Walmart in the middle of the night to replace the first drowned Beta...and the second one, we just let him drown. Yes--I have digressed!

Actually, very sorry about your proposal...obviously it was something that you felt good about at one time. Perhaps as Maureen suggests, it just needs to sit and think for a while. Maybe a long while. Sort of a "proposal time-out". :) LOL

I am thrilled that tomorrow is Friday! It's a highlight--:)

Take care!

Kim in NE

Barbs said...

Dead Shark fits things in my life right now but like you I'll just go with it so maybe it'll be swimming again LOL

Yes I agree give it a rest and maybe it will all gel by turning your back for now

Take care and I'm thinking of you while I read Ralphie's Wives with delish Rio!

Christine Rimmer said...

See, this is why I couldn't give up blogging when DD went on hiatus.

You guys are too great to not kvetch with on a regular basis.

Maureenie, you're right. I know it. It is a great story and I'm going to do just what you--and Kim and Barb--suggested. I'll give it a rest. And Maureenie, I love the kicking part. I'll do that, too--hard, as advised.

Kim, LOL on the drowned fish(es). Sometimes death is inevitable--twice. ;)

Barbs, flap those dorsal fins. Wiggle that tail...hmmm. Interesting image, no? Glad to hear you're having a nice time with Rio.

Anonymous said...

Christine, I hope you don't give up on the proposal, I was so excited to see how you were going to redeem the hero. I can't imagine a guy dumping me for my sister and then me letting him back in. Of course, my sister is not an evil twin - well at least not the evil part ;) And I knew you could sell me on it. I hope that it comes back to life if not in this proposal, maybe the one after this one.


Barbs said...

Christine wrote:flap those dorsal fins. Wiggle that tail...hmmm. Interesting image, no?

That is interesting.....and funny!

Made you forget about that proposal for awhile anyway LOL

chryscat said...

It has inhaled mightily, thankyouverymuch.


Am looking forward to tomorrow, though.