Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

We all have our weaknesses, right?

I have many. Because there's nothing like surrender to a burning need.

I love...Krinkles. At left, note a Krinkles Valentine display.

A few years ago, at Dillards during a Black Friday shopping spree (That's what they call it, right, shopping the day after Thanksgiving?), I found my first Krinkle.

It was an ornament, an adorable poodle dog in the most amazing little shoes.

It looked like this:

Dreadfully expensive, of course. Well, I mean, for an ornament. Especially considering I have boxes and boxes of gorgeous, expensive ornaments already.

But what can I say? There was that burning need. I had to have that Krinkle poodle for my own to put on my tree.

So yes. I bought it. And I've never regretted surrendering my hard cash to that particular blazing desire.

Is a Krinkle the sort of gift you give your fave guy at Valentines? Oh, probably not. Too whimsical. Not, as a rule, a guy kinda thing.

Okay. I still buy them. For myself. So...Happy Valentine's Day to me! And to you, too.

Got plans? Do you give a Valentine to your sweetie? Mine gets a conversation heart or two and a great, big kiss. Followed by a sweetly and sincerely whispered, "I love you."


Anonymous said...

good to know that a couple of kisses and a heartfelt "I love you" is someone else's offerings for Valentine's Day... What else can you do when you are stuck in the house with three children, 7 - 17, during a major snow storm? I stocked up on some romance novels from the local used book store, so maybe the cabin fever won't be too bad this time! Just read the Jones gang series, love it! anonymous

Barbs said...

Oh I think I love Krinkles! I'm going to have to get that magazine!

Valentine's Day wasn't too good here either but no snowstorm just elderly parents LOL

Dh gave me a laptop desk and I made him an applecake and of course we had a takeoout Chinese dinner with hugs and kisses.


Christine Rimmer said...

anon, well, the dh and I like to keep it simple as a rule. It's easy to get all wild about every holiday that comes along. Hope you're doing all right in the snow. And so pleased you enjoyed the Joneses!

Barb, takeout dinner with hugs and kisses sounds lovely to me. :)