Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Deepening the Mystery...

Well, and that's me there on the left. In my thong and great shoes. Lounging on my red satin sheets, jotting down notes as I develop my revived dead shark proposal.

Hah. Don't I so wish. I haven't had a pair of glutes like that since...

Well, at least a month or two. LOL.

But, you know, I can dream, right?

Here in real life, as the shark cuts through the shimmering deep, I'm remembering what Eudora Welty once wrote in her wonderful little jewel of a memoir, One Writer's Beginnings.

"...one secret is liable to be revealed in the place of another that is harder to tell, and the substitute secret, when nakedly exposed, is all the more appalling."

So this book is about substitute secrets. First, the death is not a murder. Then it is. Then the most obvious person did it--then that person didn't. A trip to the Bahamas to rest and recuperate is just a vacation, right?

Or did something else happen there?

Got a great plot from plot group for this book. And I'm using it. And then, just when I think I've got it solved, it turns out the shark wants to swim deeper. Mwahaha...

Woke up this morning with a headfull of plot. Jotted it down, quick, before I could forget. I think this is working.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

This is so funny, really. I've never been a plot-driven writer. I'm still not. It's all about character for me. But I'm finding with the larger canvas in my mainstream stories, I'm driven to use the extra room to tell a more complex story. I still love writing my Specials. But you know, sometimes a girl just has to swim with the sharks...


chryscat said...

Be sure to swim around with that little pokey stick in case the sharks get frisky.
Glad to hear about your progress.

Susan Crosby said...

Baby steps eventually become leaps. Keep on keepin' on!

Kim said...


Love the shoes! Very nice.

Glad that things are shaking out for the book. Looking forward to it. :)

Husker Kim

Barbs said...

I love the shoes and I'll dream with you LOL

Hope you had a good day with that headfull of plot.

Kate Carlisle said...

Waking up with your head full of plot ideas is simply the best!

I've got my fingers crossed for you, swimming with the sharks in your thong and fabulous shoes, dahling!!

Christine Rimmer said...

Kate, so woo-woo. Was just about to visit your blog. And you're right. The shoes are important--but the headfull of plot is everything!

Barbs, I did have a good day. Got it out on the page before my head actually exploded. So messy when that happens--but it didn't!

Kim, yes, the shoes... Actually I Goggleimaged (is that a word?) "mysterious" and thong girl with shoes was the first thing to come up. I thought...hmm. Not exactly what I meant. But hey. Why not?

Susan, thank you. Yes, you are so right.

Chrys, hey. Now there's a thought. Pokey sticks for authors swimming in among the sharks. I like it....