Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Amazing Nigella

Okay, I'm a total fan of Nigella Lawson. Love to watch her cook. Love to watch her eat. Love to sit up in the bed and read her cookbooks. She has this amazing way of writing about food that's just so...fulfilling.

And she's gorgeous and she's not thin. She's all curves and woman and totally amazing.

She lost her mom and a sister and a husband to cancer. And kept on. Deliciously. Lushly. Amazingly.

Amazing. Oh, yeah. That would be the word.

And you? Amazing women you admire? I can always use more inspiration. I think we all can...

Oh, and congrats to Cherie and Principessa, winners of the adorable and delicious Frog Prince Chocolates.

1 comment:

Barbs said...

it looks we all can use some inpirational women LOL

I haven't watched Nigella Lawson I must admit but at our new house--it's gameshows & politicians!

I do think that Elizabeth Edwards is an inspiration to many. I haven't read her book and now with the recurrance of cancer I'm sure it will be read by more people.

I have to admire the women who get themselves and their children up each morning to face a job and raising their chidren with all that goes with it - school, daycare and the day to day life we all live and so many don't have anyone to help them.