Thursday, March 22, 2007

When the Author's Copies Arrive

It happened today. Right after lunch. I walked the DH out to his car as he headed back to work, paused to chat with a neighbor out on the front lawn. And the UPS truck drove up. My heart skipped a beat. I had that feeling...

And I was right. My author copies of my May Special Edition, FROM HERE TO PATERNITY had arrived.

I lugged the box inside, moved Tom the cat off it when he instantly insisted that it must be a new place for him to sit, got out my trusty utility knife, zip. I had it open and a copy in my hands.

There's a great moment for ya, even after 60-plus books: the day when you get to hold your finished book in your hot little hands. I cried the day I got my copies of my first book, a date so far back it's shrouded in the mists of time. I held that Harlequin Temptation in my hands and thought of all the people who might read it and the tears started flowing. I'd made my dream a reality at last. I was a published author.

No, I don't burst into tears any more when my author copies arrive. But I still feel that glow, to think of readers who will hold books just like it and turn the pages and enter a world of my creation.

I hope they will relish getting lost in that world. I hope they will laugh and cry and sigh. I hope they'll recapture the amazing feeling of falling in love.

Oh, and another really neat thing is that FROM HERE TO PATERNITY is number 19 in the Bravo Family Saga. And there are lots more to come. I mean, who knew when I started with the Bravos that they'd still be going strong a decade later?

I have the best job. No kidding. I truly do.


Kim said...


Looking forward to reading the book! Must be a very cool thing to see your efforts come together that way! Kind of like a bunch of little babies--without the diapers and the college expenses! :) LOL

Very nice photo of your kitty! I love cats, but DH is horribly allergic--so we have Monster Dog...and that is fine too, I guess. Occasionally, the kids want to get a cat--and I remind them that we would have to get rid of Daddy--which always gives them a second or two of pause--before they decide that Monster Dog is ok for them.

Have a lovely day! Has Spring--sprung in OK?

Husker Kim

Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Kim. Yes, spring has sprung here in OK. I'll post some pictures of my yard next week. I love everything budding out and going green.

Exactly. My babies--minus the diapers and the spit-up. ;)

sorry you're catless, but Monster Dog sounds like a winner! And we can't get rid of Daddy...

Barbs said...

Congrats on another *child*! Did the cover gods make you happy? lol

I told DH, MIL and I had decided we want a dog! I thought he was going to have a heart attack LOL we don't and aren't even going to get a cat either but sometimes I think about it!

Rinda Elliott said...

I didn't know you'd started your own blog! How wonderful. I'll be back and not in a weird Terminator kind of way either. :)

Christine Rimmer said...

Rinda! yep. Blogging. I really like it. What do you know? Do come back--in Terminator kind of way or not.

Barbs, thanks! The cover gods at least didn't make me barf. The baby is adorable, truly. :)

Re the dog. Cats are easier. But dogs are so adoring. And if you and MIL want one...hey, tell DH I said you should have it! LOL

reena said...

hi christine! i read this book today. wow it was awesome.

umm i was just wondering, is the guy on the cover a real person? like a model? he's cute.