Friday, March 02, 2007

Nothing Like an Old Headshot

Yeah, I confess. That's moi. Way back when. The years do go by, now, don't they?

I'm doing a blog entry for Orange County Romance Writers of America's blog, A Slice of Orange, giving "advice to my newbie self." So I dug up this old headshot so I can show, like ya know, me, then.

Ah, then...

Well, first let me tell you, my hair never looked like that in real life. I went to one of those glamour photo studios for that one and had the "instant makeover" before they took my picture. I actually kind of like the makeup job. But the hair involved a lot of teasing and spraying, neither of which are--or were--the true me. I would call that an error in judgment. I mean, why have a publicity photo of yourself wearing someone else's hair? Goes under the heading, Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, I guess.

As to the dress and the, er, faux pearls. Well, I loved that dress and those fake pearls went with it just dandy. The dress was kind of a mauvy-purple color. It was a wrap dress and the hem of it flowed and lifted in such a way that it resembled the petals of a flower. Shoulder pads for days--a fashion must at the time, trust me.

Yeah. The dress and fake pearls and makeup are fine. I could live with them. It's the hair that ruined that shot. Made it so I never wanted to use the picture and rarely did. And my publisher didn't seem to like it much, either. Before I got the "professional" headshot above, I had sent them a snapshot of myself taken on the sidewalk outside my tiny California bungalow. They liked the snapshot better and used it often. I don't think they once used the one with someone else's hair. In retrospect, I like the snapshot better, too. Can't find it in my overflowing "old photo" drawer, but I know it was from this series...

Okay, a little self-absorbed looking. But hey. I was self-absorbed. Still am. Surprise, surprise. On the plus side, the badly-cut hair is natural and I look like someone at least semi-real.

Ah, the old days. I don't miss them. I like me now. I've worked hard to Now. But I do look back on them with a certain dreamy-eyed fondness...


Kim said...


I have to say that I really love the "newer" look really elegant.

I have battled bad hair my whole life. I have thin and stringy hair. Which was great in the 70's and not so much anymore. :) But on the other hand I have hope--as bellbottoms, clogs and leggings are back in style--it might only be a matter of time for the long and stringy hair.

I used to get perms--but 4 years ago I had sweet Max--and that was that for moisture. The little stinker took it all. That is what I get for having a baby at my age! I still don't have an ounce of moisture in my hair. When I go to get it cut they look at me like they are scared to do anything for fear I will blame them. I had someone tell me that I had to sign a release for them to cut my hair. OH please!

so now, I just let it grow long and stringy and hack on my bangs as necessary. Not a pretty picture.

Take care!


Susan Crosby said...

LOVE your candid shots. I think they did capture the true you. I think I've known you for about 13 years, and I can't remember your hair ever looking remotely like your glam shot, but you're beautiful no matter where or what :-).


Barbs said...

Glamour's nice but only for the movies LOL Nice photo though and the snaps are great!

The older I get the more I like the skin I'm in right now, of course it could be less wrinkled and a lot less fat! but it is the real me!

Bad hair days are the norm for me. Right now I've let it grow long so I can do Locks of Love. The webpge says they sell the gray at the going rate so they should make a lot on mine ;)

Christine Rimmer said...

Kim, thanks! Elegant, huh? I'm likin' that. :)

So true that having kids can truly do...weird things to our hair. Mine all fell out when I had the J. At least it did grow back. Eventually.

Susan, beautiful?? Likin' that, too. ;) And you're right, my hair never looked like that picture. I'm okay with that. Really. Okay.

Barb, that's a fine idea, donating your hair to Locks of Love. Love that! And yes. I'm with you. I love the skin I'm in...but I wouldn't mind if it was just a smidge tighter!

Anonymous said...

But what fun to get all glammed up!


Christine Rimmer said...

Kim, it *is* fun to do the glam thing. I remember way back when I discovered false eyelashes. I used to love to put them on and feel like someone totally different. In real life, my lashes are light-colored and not all that thick.