Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ralphie News

Got Ralphie?

Now available for your: Sony Ereader

And to download to your computer or palm pilot: Diesel eBooks

Also, it's now out at so you can listen to it in drivetime.

Do check out the audio version. You can hear the prologue as a sample. Kind of fun...

Okay, back to bootcamp! You civilians, drop and give me twenty!

I think I could get into being a drill sergeant. Lots of shouting and giving orders. Oh, yeah. I could go for that. There are those near and dear to me who say I already am a drill sergeant.

It's enthusiasm, I tell them. I know what needs doing and I'm only too glad to share my knowledge with those I love. Mwahaha....


Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Chris! I'll be reading Ralphie's Wives next!!! Can't wait!

And I hope you're loving Boot Camp. Louise is awesome, isn't she??

Christine Rimmer said...

Kate, I *am* loving bootcamp. Susan Mallery promised it would change my life. I think it's happening!

Re Ralphie...thanks! You're the best.