Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Random Hunk Day Eddie Izzard pictures went blank in my last post. At least they are from my computer. Blogger hatred moment. I loved THE RICHES and hope it lasts. It's more dark than funny and it's a premise that might not have legs. But hey. We'll see...

I'm deep in PR Bootcamp and starting a new book, so I need something restful to look at...

Meet top model Ian Lawless. He's my image for my hero in the new work-in-progress.

I'm liking Ian a lot, got him up on my bulletin board by my computer, along with some great pics of Amy Adams, who's the inspiration for my heroine.

Now, back to work! (sounds of whips cracking here)


KIm said...


I am liking the way you are leaning here. Very nice. :)

I can tell that he is very smart too! That is what we need--more hunky smart men! ;)

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Great hero material, Christine!!


Christine Rimmer said...

Kim and Kim,

I'm so glad we agree on Ian.

Kim, oh yeah. I'm leaning, too. Right on him. And yes. Intelligence is of great importance in a totally hunky guy!

DurangoKim, that's right. Hero material. I need lots of that!