Monday, March 12, 2007

Completely Mad for Eddie Izzard

You know Eddie Izzard? If not, you are missing the ultimate in humor through history. His amazing 2001 standup video DRESS TO KILL will astound, delight, inspire and educate you. The language is R-rated, and the ROFLOL insights come rolling at you so fast, you'll have to go buy it if you rented it, just to watch and listen again and again.

I am totally gone on him. He's the...executive transvestite. Really.

Tonight his new series, THE RICHES, begins on FX--10 eastern time. If you get a chance, check it out. He plays the dad in a family of con artists who take over a dead guy's life to live the American Dream. Minnie Driver plays his wife.

I will so be watching!


Maureen Child said...

LOVE Eddie, Chris! He totally cracks me up. His routine on the computer that won't work is priceless!!

Christine Rimmer said...

Maureenie, make your choice: Cake or Death???

Yes! I love the computer bit, too...

He's the best.