Friday, April 06, 2007

Title Woes....

Well, there's always something. Once again, as with RALPHIE'S WIVES, the cover team for my next HQN is having issues. This one I titled BET ON IT.

And you guessed it: not working for them. They want people on the cover--as opposed to those covers you see with just flowers or Adirondack chairs or whatever. Covers without people are known in the biz as ICONIC. For HQN, it's been decided that ICONIC is a non-starter.

So...racking my brain again to come up with a new title that will instantly lend itself to amazing non-iconic, well-peopled cover images. Oh, and they want a cover that echoes the RALPHIE'S WIVES cover, so readers will recognize my "cover style." But mind you, these two books are NOT in any way connected...

ARgh. Screech. Help!

Oh, and HAPPY EASTER, everyone!


Kim said...


Sorry to hear about your "woes"--

It could just be me--and my bizarre purchasing habits--but your name on the book pretty much soldifies it as your "cover style" for me!
I guess I am sort of out of the norm--I like those covers that are just scenery or whatever--then I am not trying to tie the picture or people to the story--and honestly, I am often disappointed when the people on a cover don't resemble the characters at all.

Good luck with all that!

Happy Easter!

Husker Kim

Paz Edwards said...

Hmmm... what a dilemma... I'm sure it'll all work out eventually. Good luck with it1

LOL! I love the bunny cartoon.

Happy Easter to one and all!


Christine Rimmer said...

Paz and Kim, hope you both had Happy Easters, too!

Kim, I agree. Covers with characters on them so often don't match up with the faces I see when I read.

Paz, my younger son is almost 19. still, i gotta give him a chocolate bunny every Easter. And he instantly chomps off those bunny ears!