Monday, April 02, 2007

Even a Rita Finalist Has to Work

Sheesh. It's so not fair. I'd much prefer sitting up in the bed, reading great books and waiting for my publisher to call with a gazillion dollar deal.

Le sigh. Not happenin'. So I'm into the latest Bravo, the one that's scheduled for a December release. A Christmas story, or did I already mention that?

Had to recast my hero. Ian Lawless was too...nice. Needed to go a little more edgy. So...

Guess who?

Oh, my yes! I think Clive will do just fine...

Yesterday, we cleaned the deck. Such glamorous work. I'm telling you, the life of a RITA finalist can't be beat for elegance and style.

How's everyone? Living the good life, I hope?


Barbs said...

Oh yes the good life! HA-HA

I'm doing *spring* cleaning of this house so I can go across town and do it again LOL

We did have a good time at Elizabeth's 16th b'day party the other night. Went to another party with them last night--Stephanie's birth-mother came to town for the weekend! What a good time. Steph's had a great time with her. I'm so happy for them both.

Well it's back to the Good Life!

Well I do have those Bravos to look forward too! I'll live
vicariously :)

Kim said...

Oh my yes! Clive is a fine fine choice for many a thing! :)

The good life you ask?? Well, we live that every day here in beautiful Nebraska..."The Good Life"...(who came up with that motto??)

DH has been like a bear awakened from hibernation too soon lately...the grumpiest of all the grumpies! Work is sucking his will to live, and he is sort of bringing it home for me to enjoy! I love that man! (Something that he should be grateful for--lest I bury him in the back yard for annoying me)

Hope the Bravos are coming along well. Just another reason to look forward to the holidays! Bravos and pumpkin pie! YUMMY!

Have a great day!

Husker Kim

Christine Rimmer said...

Barb, oh. Argh. Spring cleaning times two. I think that's two times as much as I like doing. LOL Elizabeth is sweet 16! Wish her a happy birthday from me. Bravos comin' up!

Kim, I'm so pleased we agree on Clive. I'm having fun with this hero as he's all macho man and determined to marry the heroine, who is running him in circles. Poor DH. And poor you. But good that you love him or he'd have real problems! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooh La La, Christine, NICE choice!!


Paz Edwards said...

Nice inspiration. ;-)


Christine Rimmer said...

Kim and Paz,
so pleased you agree. ;)