Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And the Rains Came...

It freaking will not stop raining around here. Last year we were deep in drought. This year, you can't even go outside for fear you'll be washed away never to be heard from again.

Yesterday morning, I was supposed to get my teeth cleaned. Yes. True. Even Uber-glam authors like yours truly occasionally have to visit the dental hygienist--and believe it or not, I just spell-checked "hygienist." Nailed it. Yes!--where was I? Oh, off to the hygienist at 6 in the a.m. My dentist is forty miles away in Edmond. Because I like him and I like his hygienist (can't stop spelling that word!) so I've followed him when he moved. Like my hairdresser, Jimmy, who moved from two miles away up to OKC. I am so loyal. I cannot get over myself!

Okay. So I get up early. I shower, blow-dry,brush my teeth. All that stuff. But what I fail to consider is that it's raining and it's been raining--and it will continue to rain.

I end up twenty miles north of home and I cannot see the road for the rain and now and then when I roll into lower ground, I am absolutely positive I will be swamped and flooded and washed away. Never to be heard from again. I'll be found, drowned. My teeth unattended by said excellent hygienist.

Okay, I give. I decide to turn around. I get off the highway and circle back--mistaking a lane going the wrong way at one point for my lane and only discovering my error when I notice the headlights coming directly toward me. Hellllp!

Anyway, I finally get in the proper lane and get going back the way I came on the highway frontage road...when suddenly I see a yellow sign that says "Road Subject to Flooding." Like they couldn't have told me before I got on the thing--with no way to get off!

It was so scary, folks. I knew more than once that the water was too deep and my poor Avalon was not going to make it.

But at last. Impossibly, after driving through more than one insta-lake of way-deep water, I reached home.

Today, my teeth still need cleaning and it is still raining. It's going to be raining for the next several days, from what the weather experts report.

There is flooding in various areas of OKC and there will continue to be flooding. And I think I need a new dentist, one I won't get drowned trying to get to.

Oh, and my peonies--both the white in the front yard and the pink in the back--are in glorious, waterlogged bloom. I snuck out during a dry moment and brought some inside. That's them, above. So pretty. And what an amazing scent.

So how's the weather where you are?


Anonymous said...

Weather in Atlanta is sunny, warm and Dry! Very, very dry. We're about 9 inches below normal and we want your rain!!
I'm glad you arrived back in one piece at your home after you faithful drive toward your dentist!
Keep the faith, it won't always be raining there, and it may be raining here!!!

Durango Kim

Paz said...

Beautiful flowers!

What an adventure you had driving in the rain. Glad you're safe and sound.

The weather in my neck of the woods? Tomorrow, they say it will be muggy. Uggh! Not looking forward to it.


Barbs said...

Very nice flowers! You are a good gardener.

It's good that you returned save and sound with just a rain/driving scare. It sounds as though you do need to find a dentist closer to home. I hate to change but 40 miles is a little far to go.

Here in Northern CA it's been warm, around 90, for the last week-it was raining before this hot spell. Forecast is for low to mid 80s for several days now.

It was warm yesterday afternoon but we did find shade at the high school--we went to see our Elizabeth at a track meet. She's a discus and shotput person LOL not sure what they're called. She did OK but was nervous, she's in 10th grade but is on the varsity team!! It was fun but of course we were all almost as nervous as her :)

Christine Rimmer said...

Kim, so true. It won't always be raining here. And I'm grateful to see the end of the drought here--until next time. Here's to rain where you are!

Paz, oh yeah. Humidity. We've so got that here!

Barbs, wow. 90 in May. Glad it's cooling down a little. Congrats to Elizabeth--on the Varsity team so soon. :)