Monday, May 14, 2007

I Like a Clean Guy...

As you can see.

A nice smile is a plus, as well!

Happy Monday, everyone.

I've finished the Heathcliffe-finds-happiness-and-not-with-Cathy book. On to Valentine, which is Kelly Bravo's story and will be guessed Feburary! Uh, you know. Febuary= Valentine's Day?

Oh, now. Isn't that just too clever?

How's everyone? Workin' hard?


Barbs said...

What a eye-opener on this early Monday morning! love it!

You got that book out fairly fast, didn't you? Once it falls into place I guess you can!

I'm not going to do much today--I'm going to enjoy my time ALONE! I have a feeling m-i-l will be back this afternoon LOL

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read this book. My name is Kelly Bravo and once I found your Bravo series, I've been waiting for one with my name to come out!

Anonymous said...

Oh, too cool Kelly!

Ooo la la, Christine

Durango Kim

Christine Rimmer said...

Kelly, what Kim said. Too, too, cool! And surprising, as well. Since mostly, the "born" Bravos in the books are the heroes--with the exception of Jenna, Lacey, Melinda, Starr, Hayley and now Kelly. Out of 21 books, six Bravo heroines so far. But hey. Kelly's a great name so what could I do?

Barb, hope you totally enjoyed your alone time. I *know* you did!

Kim, hope he's not too risque. He was borderline. I do try to consider people checking in at the office; that the hunks not be over the line for public viewing....

Kim said...

Christine--I appreciate your reminding me that cleanliness is next to...heck, I don't care what its next to! YUMMY! ...DH is still out of town..he could be next door! LOL

Kelly--that is so cool that your name is in Christine's book. My DH's name was in a Margaret Truman book back in the 80's--but it was the British spelling. Geoffrey, instead of my DH's Jeffrey. Same last name though. :) Actually, my husbands name was in the TV show 'Til Death on FOX this season...the one with the Joley Fischer and Brad Garrett...their neighbors were Jeff and Steph...Jeff is my husband...same last name. Weird!

Hope you are all having a great week! Baseball is beginning here...soon it will be all baseball all the time. :) (Is it wrong to pray for rain outs?)

Husker Kim

Christine Rimmer said...

Kim, pray away!

Love the name stories. And your DH certainly has a popular name. And what is that with the spelling of names. I mean, how can there be so many ways to spell some names?

I get confused. In the book I just turned in, I had to do a global search on the heroine's name to make sure I had the spelling consistent. I kept changing it through the book. Haley, Hailey, Haily, Hayley...