Sunday, June 24, 2007

My New Office

We're big on home improvement at my house. It's almost a form of entertainment with us. Yes, we are a very scary family!

I'm even planning a whole new Bravo series-within-the-series tentatively titled Bravo Family Business. The grandchildren of James Bravo--click here to see where he fits on the family tree--will own a sprawling business that covers everything from building to selling to remodeling houses. Flip This House meets This Old House meets Designed to Sell...anything on the TLC or the HG channel will be fair game. Can't wait to get into those books...

My point being?

I moved my office! More home improvement ensued as we revamped the empty space.

But this is about my new office. Right? Yeah!

I love it and I have pictures! As you may have already guessed, that's my new desk area above.

Beyond that...

Desk area--before desk.

Work closet--took me hours to organize this. Hours, I tell you. The boxes on the floor are full of my own books, seven copies of each, plus copies of various reissues and anthologies. Why seven? Good question. Seemed like a good number at the time.

These two bookcases are mostly research books, with that one row on the left of my own books.

Inspiration Wall.

My great-grandmother's rocker. My grandmother brought it with her to California back in the 1920's. Generations of babies rocked in that chair.


Barbs said...

Ohhhh! What a great looking room! Isn't it nice? Still moving and trying to find room here LOL

Paz Edwards said...

I love your office. It looks great! Have a fun and productive time in it.

Paz (who thinks 7 is a good number)

Christine Rimmer said...

Barb, good luck with the moving thing. It feels like we're moving around here. Constantly. The way we keep redoing stuff...

Paz, thank you! I love it too and love the quiet of being in my own area with a real door to close. And I'm so pleased you agree on the choice of 7!

CherylStJ said...

Hi Christine! Great looking office. Will look for your new book this week. Is there a list of the Montana Mavericks titles and authors in this series? I must have them all, you know.


Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Cheryl,

I have the titles as they were originally, but as you know, they sometimes change.

Here's what I've got. Maybe you could email the different authors to check the final titles--or watch for them on Amazon and the like.

I love your list and must blog about it and send my readers there to get the whole story on the ongoing MM saga!

Everyone, Cheryl's site is:

I have,

in Silhouette Special Edition
July: THE MAN WHO HAD EVERYTHING--Christine Rimmer
August: PAGING DR. RIGHT--Stella Bagwell
September: THE BEST MAN--Crystal Green
October: THE WEDDING...NOT?--Pamela Toth
November: NO STRINGS ATTACHED--Victoria Pade
December: A COWBOY CHRISTMAS--Allison Leigh