Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

Back from plot group, I mean, with two new, beautiful stories to write for you. Can't wait to get started on them! Both will be on the stands in 2009. Yeah, it's a while from now. But there's plenty coming up in the meantime.

Starting with this month's reissue of Midsummer Madness. I'm blogging about MM today on Tote Bags 'n Blogs. Click the link and check it out.
Hope you're all having a great September, getting lots of reading done and enjoying your first taste of fall.


Paz Edwards said...

Welcome back! My first taste of fall has been hot! Feels more like summer. Ughh! Hopefully, the weather will get back to normal.


Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Paz! Thanks for the welcome. It's actually cool here in the heartland. I am so enjoying that!

Husker Kim said...


Welcome back--looking forward to all the great ideas that you got smoothed out with the group! Yeah!

Thought about your son yesterday afternoon as we watched the OU vs TX game. It was a good one. Much better than our Huskers. Oh well--we still have Volleyball!

Have a great day!

Husker Kim

Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Kim!

Oh, yeah. Jess had a great time. Not so much at Colorado. He says "Mom, I love it when we win." So surprising. Not!

I find I just don't like watching the games when they're the home team. Too nervewracking. But I had no prob at all getting involved in the Stanford/USC upset. What's up with that?

big hugs to you, Kim--and more books coming up!