Friday, October 26, 2007

What's up....

Well, figured I'd better drop in here with an update. It has so been a while!

I'm working away on a new continuity called Back in Business for Special Edition. My book has no title yet, but it's sort of a...corporate espionage story. Not really the kind of thing I usually do, which of course, only makes it more interesting! I'm hoping for the title Boardroom Confidential, but my editors get the final say, so...we'll see. :)

After Back in Biz? Why more Bravos, of course. I'm going to be writing the last in a three-book miniseries within my Bravo Family Way series. Two sisters and a brother, children of bad Blake Bravo, who all grew up in foster care with each having no idea the others existed!

The first, Hayley's story, is out at the end of November: A Bravo Christmas Reunion. Follow the title link back to my site for a book description and a link to the first chapter. After Hayley, in February '08, Kelly's story, Valentine's Secret Child. Okay, that's kind of a fizzle of a link, since there's not much info up on that book yet. But it's there so you can preorder at B&N if you want. And finally, in October '08, Tanner's story, The Marriage Experiment. No link at all on that one, as I haven't even written it yet.

The Back in Business story will be out in July '08, so as you can see, there's a bunch coming up. And I have more lined up even after the October '08 book, but I'll get into that later. If you're really curious, read my blog entry of September 12 to see what else I'm cooking up. But enough, already, for now.

Hope everyone is having a lovely fall, with crisp, cool mornings and sunny afternoons. For anyone in Southern California in this tough time of terrible fires, I hope you are well and getting through the worst with family and home intact.


Paz said...

Very interesting writing projects. LOoking forward to reading the finished products. Hope you're safe and sound with all those fires going around.


Barbs said...

I recommend A BRAVO CHRISTMAS REUNION, Hayley is just great, good strong heorine, and Marcus is pretty good too, hunky hero!

I live in Northern CA and those fires are scary.

Barbs said...

I should say Marcus is an emotionally wounded hero and Hayley knows how to heal him LOL

Christine Rimmer said...

Paz, you're doll. We're fine here in OK, we've actually had a very wet year. No sign of drought and the lakes are all full again.

Have a happy Halloween! Cook something amazing, I know you will. :)

Christine Rimmer said...

Barbs, big major hugs. At least in Northern CA, you're out of the fire zone this time!

And oh, yeah! Hayley knew the job was tough when she took it, but if anyone is up for it, she is! ;)