Monday, December 31, 2007

On the Threshold of 2008....

....Okay, that sounds a bit ominous. I think I'll just go with:

Here's to bunches of happiness, success and love in the New Year. May all your resolutions stay firm--or, if not, may you let them go with grace and a smile. Oh, and good books! Here's to stacks and stacks of good books to read.

Today, I'm getting five nice pages done on Tanner's story. And tonight, to ring in the New Year, it's over to my friend Karyn's for bubbly and lobster. I'll raise a festive glass of champagne to each and every one of you.

Hapy 2008, everyone!


Husker Kim said...

Mmmmmm! Lobster! Yummy!

Hope your New Year is bright!

We are supposed to have a thaw this weekend, which will be great! Since our circle could currently be used legitimately for an ice skating rink. About 3 inches of ice. YIKES!


Husker Kim

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I trust you enjoyed the bubbly and lobster. ;-)

Paz (licking her lips)

Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Kim! Hope you thawed. It's beautiful here. And the city finally picked up all our tree debris. Life is good!

Hope all is well in NE. Wow, did OU get slaughtered in Phoenix, huh? Gotta hand it do those W. Virginia boys...

hugs back!

Christine Rimmer said...

Paz, those were some big lobsters. But suprisingly, not tough. Delish. :)

And the bubbly was lovely.

Happy New Year and here's to great success and good cookin' in '08!

Husker Kim said...

Hey Christine!

I thought of your son after the OU game! Tough to see. On the other hand, we didn't go bowling this year--thats pretty hard for people around here to deal with. Pretty much all we have is Husker FB, and when we don't have that....its depressiing...LOL

We have thawed a bit, but it still freezes every night to make a morning commute of black ice! WOW, that is fun.

We had one of those horrific ice storms here a number of years ago--was a great thing when the branches were taken away! Sadly one of our trees has never really recovered.

Looking forward to the newest Bravo book! :)

Husker KIm

Christine Rimmer said...


Sympathy on the ice-storm damage to your tree. I so relate. Very sad how pitiful our gorgeous 60-foot oak looks now.

Black ice. Not fun. Be careful. Older son Matt went to Missouri-Rolla several years back. He came home for Christmas in his car--and wrecked it on a patch of black ice trying to get back to college. Luckily he was fine except for the emotional trauma. The car was totaled.