Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Podcast anyone?

My first podcast is up at eHarlequin. Click here to go the eHarlequin podcasts page. You'll see my interview with the splendid, knowledgable and charming Malle Vallik is episode 8. Click to download it to iTunes and hope you enjoy...

And now, back to Tanner's book. I'm almost finished. Should have it in the mail for NYC by Friday. Yay! Though, as always, I feel kind of sad to think of letting these characters go. It's so fortunate for me I like to write connected stories, so I get to check in with past heroes and heroines and see how they're doing in future books.

And Valentine's Day is comin' right up. We'll be staying home and I'll be cooking because I actually love to cook on my new cooktop and in my gorgeous new oven. I hope I get truffles from the DH. Yum.

And what will you and yours be doing on Valentine's Day?

However you spend your day of romance, enjoy!

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