Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finalist in the NRCA!

Yes, it's true. The Man Who Had Everything is a finalist in the Short Contemporary category of the National Readers Choice Awards. I'm pumped. This contest is judged by readers from all over the country. Where the RITA is judged by other authors, the NRCA is all about which books readers like best. And well, you know, without readers, where would we authors be?

And there's more cool news here. There are five members in my plot group and four of us are published. All four of our published members made the finals in the NRCA this year--all in different categories. Susan Mallery's up for Tempting, Maureen Child is up for More Than Fiends and Teresa Southwick has finaled with The Sheikh's Contract Bride . I find this simply beyond cool.

For a list of all finalists, go to the NRCA homepage at the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America site.



Barbs said...

Congrats to you and your fellow authors in your plot group! Those Las Vegas trips pay off?? LOL

The Bravos are special!

Michele said...

Christine! Congratulations!! That's very exciting news for you and your plot group. :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome news all around. Congratulations!


Christine Rimmer said...

Barbs, thank you! And I love that you think the Bravos are special...since there are many more Bravo stories in the works.

Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Michele,

Thanks! As Barb said, those trips to Vegas are a must!

Christine Rimmer said...


Thanks so much. Hope you are well and cookin' away..