Monday, December 01, 2008

Yes, It's Me...

Again. At last.

I know, I know. I haven't been around here much. But I have been blogging regularly--first and fourth Tuesdays of every month--over at the Special Edition Authors blog on the eHarlequin site. Click the link to the blog on the right of the page if you want to drop in there and see what I've been yakking about.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I did. I put on two pounds just to prove it. ;) I cooked, too. A lot. The pies, the turkey, the creamed onions, and on and on... it was fun and very satisfying. Both the cooking and the eating.

Saturday, we did the tree and the house decorating for the holidays. Even got a nice dusting of snow last night. I feel so festive! If only my pants weren't so tight...

Now, it's back to work after the long, lazy holiday weekend. I'm getting my filing and other stuff in order to day and then digging into my latest proposal starting tomorrow.

How about you? Did you have a great Thanksgiving...?


Anonymous said...

Creamed onions? Oh, that sounds wonderful! Onion junkie here. ;)

Glad you had a nice holiday.

Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Rinda! Good to hear from you. Yep. Yum on the onions. Hope you are writing, writing, writing!

Anonymous said...

I am. Still waiting word on my first series still making rounds--this takes FOREVER (g)--so I've been writing a trilogy in the meantime. Proposal goes to agent this week and I'm excited about it. ;)

Christine Rimmer said...

Rinda, so glad to hear you're on the case! A new trilogy. Sounds very intriguing... said...

Glad to hear that Thanksgiving was good and filling, same here as far as cooking and eating along with the weight gain LOL

I missed you yesterday-I went Christmas shopping then babysat Marcus so today I am tired but have to clean house. Marcus will be back again tomorrow afternoon.

I think we'll start this weekend decorating but won't put the tree up till the middle of the month-we have a grabby guy around now LOL

Enjoy getting that proposal ready. Going to start the book right away too?

Christine Rimmer said...


Marcus at your house! Lucky girl. Pictures, pictures.

I enjoyed the decorating this year. Second year with an artificial tree. I'm a convert. So easy and it looks great. All the lights lit up again just fine.

Trying to get the proposal out this week and start the new one next...

hugs to you and that darling little boy.

Husker Kim said...

Hey Christine!

Thanksgiving was good--and relaxing for the most part! Good food--dh made a pumpkin pie!! You'd have thought he invented it for crying out loud!

You are ahead of me on the decorating. We will try to get that done this weekend--we have a basketball game for #1 son, and a birthday party for middle son. Hopefully with all of the cheering and spending time with 10 3rd graders, I will have the energy for the decorating.

Will take time out this weekend to watch football though. Your Sooners could meeet the Crimson Tide (DH's family is from AL). Our beloved Huskers will get a New Years Day bowl--for the first time in YEARS!! So we are content with that...:)


Husker Kim

Christine Rimmer said...

Kim, well surprise, surprise. Crimson Tide went down to the Gators. So now...we'll see who gets the big bowl. So exciting.

Re the pumpkin pie, I love a good one. We made two this year. And I felt like your DH. As if I'd invented them. They were soooo good!