Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cover for my January book...

And may I just say I love it! I do.

So gorgeous. The art department hit it right out of the park with this one. I am so fond of this "epic" style of cover--with the couple above and an inviting landscape below.

I love that he is both killer handsome and grownup looking--not to mention very macho in a smooth, sophisticated way, which is exactly this hero. And the feeling of the scene is totally sexy in a romantic, emotion-charged way.

This is just what I look for in a great cover. It has tastiness--would make me want to pick it up and read the back copy.

Anyway, just thought I would share...


Anonymous said...

Very nice. ;)

Husker Kim said...


Definitely looking forward to reading!

Hope you have a Fabulous weekend!


Susan Crosby said...

Come to mama! What a beautiful cover. Yes, I'd definitely pick it up off the rack.



Barbs said...

What a great cover! It's going to appeal to lots of new readers. I'm so happy for you-cover gods were looking out for you! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a really nice cover. I'd pick up the book at first sight of the cover. ;-)


Christine Rimmer said...

Gee, am I late dropping in to my own blog, or what?

Rinda, thank you!

Kim, I love it, too! Hope your Thanksgiving was totally faboo.

Susan, come to Mama, fershure!

Barbs, oh yes! I love when the cover Gods are kind.

Oh, Paz. Music to my ears.

Anonymous said...

mm.. interesting thoughts ))