Friday, March 13, 2009

And Yet Another New Cover...

Got this off Amazon. No back cover blurb available yet. This one comes out in June.

No, it's not terribly...imaginative. But the truth is, it's a scene I proposed for the art work, so the lack of imagination is totally my fault. Good news is they both look almost exactly as I picture them. And it's beautiful, I think. And, well, I really like it.

Can't wait to see this book in print. It's a sort of modern-day Romeo and Juliet story. The Bravos (him) and the Cabreras (her) have been feuding since the 1950's, when James Bravo won the family ranch from the Cabrera patriarch. So, of course, a Bravo and a Cabrera must fall in love!

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hey Christine!

Love the cover--kind of has a Brad Paisley look about him. :)

Has spring come to OK? We are flirting with it here--but not enough to make me believe that it is here to stay!

Take Care!


Christine Rimmer said...

Hey, Kim!

Spring has come. And gone. And returned again. Today it's warm and beautiful. Tomorrow, according to the weather predictions, it's cold again.

Flirting is the perfect word!

big hugs,

Susan said...

I LOVE this cover. The couple look like regular people but more beautiful :-). And picnicking is one of my favorite things to do.

We're flirting with spring in northern California, too. An entirely gorgeous week of warmth that's going to end suddenly tomorrow with rain and an Alaskan cold front. Just keeping us anticipating, I think.