Friday, August 28, 2009

Day Tripping...

You know, as in that old Beatles song. "She was a daaaayyy tripper. Sunday driver, yes..."

But then actually, we went on Saturday. Last Saturday. To Arcadia and Luther, Oklahoma. First, in Arcadia, we visite Pops. As in soda pop. From all over the world. Soaring glass walls with glass shelves lined with varicolored varieties of...pop.

Next, on to the Round Barn, which was, not surprisingly, round. And a barn. Here's one from outside.

And here's me inside on the ground floor. The M on my tank top? For Mensa. We went with the DH's Mensa group.
And upstairs, where they hold barn dances and even the occasional wedding.

Then on to Luther and the Tres Suenos winery. We sat out under the trees drinking wine, eating cheese and crackers. It was lovely. Sadly none of my pictures do the scenery at Tres Suenos justice.

It's nice to have a little break, get away. If just for the day...

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