Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cover for My December Book!

I like it. I've never like kids on covers or smiley people, but this has both. And still...I like it. I think it's that the kid really has something going on in her expression. That slightly smug, this-is-working-out-just fine look is perfect.

And the way the hero looks at the heroine? Priceless. Plus there's the pose, which is, as my dear friend Susan Crosby describes it, "a circle of touching," with each character touching the next.

Anyway, it's a good one, I think.

Back cover copy reads...


Well, if lightning didn’t strike twice, then
how could a night of passion with her former
lover, Matt Bravo, leave Connie Lonnigan
pregnant with his child…for the second time?
They already had a beautiful little girl, and
they’d finally come to terms with their
relationship. And now this!

Texas tycoon Matt Bravo had let Connie slip
through his fingers five years ago, and he was
not about to make the same mistake again.
He had to convince her that he was the man
for her, now and forever. To make this a
Christmas to remember—for all four
of them…

Sadly, there is an error in this great copy. Heroine's name is Corrie, not Connie. It was too late to fix it when I caught it. And they have a new program they're working with on cover image and copy at Harlequin. Apparently, there are still issues with it.

But other than that...

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