Monday, November 16, 2009


Just an hour ago. The latest is all clean and pretty and emailed off to the editor in charge. Yay! I do love technology. Once I had to print and mail. Took at least a couple of hours, total. I had to get it printed, write the cover letter, pack it up, schlepp to the P.O.--and hope the line at the counter wasn't too long.

Now I open an email, write a quick note, attach the manuscript--and hit send. Ta-Da!

And the old days of print and mail weren't half as bad as the very old days. For my first three books--way back before the dawn of time--I actually gave myself two weeks to retype the manuscript after it was finished and all crossed out and written on with my various rewrites. I would retype on my IBM Selectric. With a carbon.

Yes, I confess, I was a little late to computers. Everybody had one by the time I got my first. They used to mock me. Tell me that typing my book was like "plowing the south forty with a teaspoon." I finally got smart and took their advice.

How right they were!

I need to celebrate the joy of shipping yet another masterpiece off via email. Something yummy....

Ah, yes. Jon Hamm. Perfect. Even with his shirt on--or in this case, a cool suit. The guy looks amazing in a suit. And he was the image I had in mind for my hero in the book I just finished. A corporate shark. And such a sexy one!

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